Lock the home bar on iOS when in landscape view

Hi, i just wanted to submit a suggested tip for the app. When viewing videos in landscape view on an iphone 11 pro max (although it could be any ios device), the tracking tool is right where the home bar is. So when i’m trying to rewind the video, it attempts to switch windows to another app. Then it will freeze up the entire video because i’ve left the app/returned back to it numerous times while it was playing. Either lock the home bar when it’s in landscape mode so it requires it to be slide twice to actually close the app, some other apps do this as well, or change the seeking/tracking bar so it’s not interfering with the home bar.

Cam here to say exactly this…it drives me crazy every time. I’m surprised I didn’t find more mention of this.
Using iPhone XR, same problem.

Apple App video time scrub bar needs to be raised when in landscape mode

the bottom of the apple interface while in landscape mode is a slide bar to flip between apps. rendering the time scrub bar on wyze videos useless. the iOS makes the scrub bar unusable. raise the scrub bar up a little just like every other video app for landscape mode on apple products

@seeknow65, Welcome to the Forum Community! Just a comment on your post - this is a problem that occurs on devices that came after the replacement of the physical Home button with the Virtual one. My Iphone is a 7+ - doesn’t occur there. Drove me nuts trying to figure out what this was about. Borrowed my SO’s 10 XSMax and the issue was obvious! Gets my vote!