Lock Door Ajar push notification

Would like to get a push notification when the door is left ajar. Currently, only have option for an alarm on the lock itself.

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Right now the app has alerts for when the door is unlocked, locked, opened, closed. I really don’t need alerts for any of those. There are many people my household so leaving those alerts on they just go off all day.

I would like an alert if I don’t shut the door all the way and it’s been left open or the lock won’t engage and its jammed.


I totally agree!
It’s important to be alerted if the lock jams.

I’d like to have a setting where I am alerted of a door jam or left open alert by notification, but not have the alarm on the door go off.


Wyze lock notification when door left open

The current notifications allow for opened/closeed/locked/unlocked. Our door is too busy to make any of these useful, but today we had an instance where several people left at the same time and the door ended up being left open. A notification for the door open longer than 5,10,20,30,etc minutes could have been very useful


Thank you Wyze, I am now seeing notifications when the door is open for 30 minutes

Now that there are lock jam notifications I wish they wouldn’t! At least it should be at the lock not on the phone. I have 3 rentals that have this lock & i get these alerts all. The. Time. It is so loud and even goes off when the ringer is off. Scares the bejeebies out of me and is never at a good time. A setting for these would be great. Like high importance scare me to death, would like to know but not pee my pants thank you, silent, & off. The lock itself should make it more obvious there is a problem when the person using it can do something about it.

One (?) thing is still missing. Some notifications such aa door ajar are indicating as error state, so apparently Wyze has identified that some conditions do need to be remedied, so if an error state alert is given then an alert should also be sent when that error state is cleared. It is still a pain to go to the lock and see if someone has reset the error state, I don’t always carry my phone to check the lock status, especially when I’m going to bed.