Lock Bolt history - Make date of logged events clearer

Currently, when the lock bolt is locked / unlocked, there is a new row added to the top of the history with most of the details (manual, code or fingerprint; username,; timestamp). But the date itself is not included - it is listed at the top right of the list and updates as you scroll up and down.

This is very confusing as you can have events with multiple dates visible at once. It is not clear when exactly the date updates, so I have to scroll slowly and repeatedly to watch the date display and hope I am interpreting it correctly.

Can the date information be made clearer? It could be added as a heading for each day within the list, or show when long-tapping on each entry. I saw there is a separate to export the logs, which I voted for, but it would be great to quickly see and be confident about when others were or were not in my home. Thanks!