Lock Bolt log export

I would like to export the user log into a spreadsheet (Excel, CSV) in order to filter and search entry/exits.

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This would especially be helpful for people who use this for things like AirBNB (since Wyze is promoting the Lock Bolt in an Airbnb side-hustle bundle):

We can already export data for the scale. It would be nice to be able to do this for other devices like the Lock Bolt too.

While other devices deserve their own wishlist, it would also be cool to have for the Original Lock, the Gun Safe, maybe the air purifier…I’m a data lover, so I would be onboard for doing this with any and every device. :man_shrugging: But it makes a ton of sense for this Lock Bolt, especially so it’s easy to review for managers/owners of places being rented out…know when/if the cleaner(s) showed up and for how long, etc. There are lots of reasons people would want and use this. I wholeheartedly approve and voted for it myself.

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