Location for timelapse?

Why does wyze need location in order to view time lapse videos

Its has something to do with knowing that you are connected to the same network that the camera is on so you can download the video file I believe. Can you enable it for a moment and then restart the apps and see if it allows you to download the time lapse? You can always disable it after the time lapse is downloaded if you don’t want it on.

Having the location on doesn’t actually have anything to do with viewing the video and being on the same network. My video is already downloaded but if I turn off location, I can’t watch it. I’m also not connected to my WiFi currently and turned location back on and it lets me watch the video.

Are you using an Android device or Apple device?

I found some related conversation from a different topic about this issue. Hopefully this anwers your question a little better.

Those are from this thread:

Unfortunately that doesn’t answer much except that if I want to view my time lapse videos, I need to turn on my location. I appreciate your responses!

Is this in app? What app version are you using? What type of device? Or are you using a different program to view the videos or are you still in the Wyze app itself?

My timed events are recorded to my SD card

Yepper. That’s where they should be. The original poster stated he downloaded the file and is now having issues in viewing the file. Still waiting for more info.

I found a workaround… on Android 10. Or I should say, a nuisance workaround.

So, in the app (I’m using WyzaBeta), I tap on a Time-lapse video [to view it] and get the “turn on Location to view video” popup, and I tap the “Go to Settings” button.

When the phone’s Location screen is displayed, I tap the phone’s Back button (I do NOT turn on Location), so I am now back at the Video list screen in Wyze. Magically, I can now view any video(s).

However, if I leave the app and go back to Timelapse video list, I have to do the “I’ll fake you out and pretend to have turned on Location” scenario.

So, obviously, Location is not mandatory. And I disagree that Location SHOULD be required.


This is within the app running beta version on iOS. It magically let me start downloading it yesterday and watch my videos. I agree with the guy who responded saying he disagrees with it needing location. There should be no reason it needs my location for me to view recorded video on the sd card. At least no reason that makes sense

I understand what you folks are saying. I am not an apple products person, and the best info about why that permission is needed with the Wyze app is because something else is needed that is tied into that “location” permission.

Same quote from earlier…

I just discovered this myself and searched for answers. I am using IOS. If it can communicate with the camera and read the card to do everything else I just don’t see a reason for it. It should be able to tell if it’s on the same network if that truly somehow matters. I guess this would also mean that you cannot download the time lapse unless you are home on the same network? Sorry but allowing location just briefly still gives up your location particularly if it’s logged somewhere off site through the app. I chose to just remove the SD card and directly download it to my PC.

I agree, I think it’s an invasion of privacy that is not necessary for the functionality of the camera