Local Sunset and Sunrise Triggers

Please consider adding triggers for local sunrise (plus or minus a selectable offset in minutes) and local sunset (plus or minus a selectable offset in minutes) with these times determined by the combination of geolocation and calendar date. I realize that this specification is problematic for portions of the year in polar regions, particularly where an offset could cause the trigger time to cross a date boundary. I hope my arctic research scientist friends will forgive me for considering that an unsupported edge-case.


They are working on this as we speak. Should be out any time now. :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: I just got an update on the availability for the new Sunrise/Sunset rules – I am told it could still be another 3-4 weeks. I do not know what the issue is; I personally think they work pretty well, at least in the one application I am testing them in.

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That’s awesome. Thanks for the update!