Live View in Firefox works for Events but not the Live Stream

I know Live View was having issues this morning, but this is not related to that. I’ve been having this problem for many weeks now.

When I log into Live View w/Firefox, it shows me all my cameras. However, when I click my CamPlus camera to view it, I just get the lines spinning in a circle and it never gets past that. I think this worked for me back when it was first released shortly after Wyze Week, but at some point it stopped and hasn’t worked since. I am able to go to the Events tab and view the events for my Camplus camera, just the live view doesn’t work.

If I open up the site in Chrome, everything seems to load OK. I tried clearing cache and cookies in FF but it didn’t seem to help at all.

Is there a known issue with Firefox or does anyone have any ideas why I might be having this problem?


Yes, Wyze is aware and working on it. :+1:


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