Live View / Closed Circuit Mode with Micro SD recording

Most users want internet access - but there are plenty of those who do not or where it is just not possible. We specialize in that market by providing closed circuit / high security / unique situations where internet access is not practical , nor possible. Here are two examples -

1> Overland adventure vehicles - they spend 80 % of their time in backcountry locations off the grid - but road hazards are often a concern. Having a live view / live view with record option - while not having internet access - is a very handy feature.

2> Rear live view cameras in vehicles . Government people are not very bright- car makers come out with this amazing technology that points cameras rearward, but the government only allows them to work when the vehicle is in reverse. (dumb). Well many drivers tow trailers , have vans with no rear windows, or have larger vehicles without a rear view mirror (amazon, for instance) and therefore rearward vision is limited to side mirrors. There are wired camera solutions but they are a pain to install. Many vehicles like RVs have interiors that would highly invasive to run wires . The WYZE cam is a perfect solution.

We install literally hundreds of the V2 cams in vehicles and pair them with small Android tablets (Galaxy Tab A7) , they make amazing rear view mirror monitors. Problem solved. The V2 cam worked fine, and so did the V3 originally - but a firmware update knocked out the ability for the V3 cam to operate without an internet connection. Why ?

Further, we used the V2 and V3 with TinyCam but now, after the firmware update the V3 no longer works.

Finally - it appears the only way to record to the Micro SD is to plug the unit in without Wifi - then by default the cam writes to the SD. We should be able to put in loop mode, similar to a dash cam.

You should come up with a “closed circuit” mode whereby you can configure, connect, live stream and record using the cameras in instances where an internet connection is either not available, or not desired. (ie WiFi only mode using RTSP.

Make these changes and I can easily see selling thousands to the adventure RV, Cargo and Commercial van market. Please !!