Live feed audio uses call volume instead of media volume

Having the same issue. The volume is ridiculously low since it’s using the call volume.

Happening on version 2.16.23.

This needs to be fixed since I use it for a baby cam…

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Anyone experiencing this issue:
Please submit logs and post the log numbers here!
How to submit a log - Wyze support
@Herohtar @Bombkid

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I submitted a log with ticket ID 93165.

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I wonder when this started happening. I have app v 2.15.21 and v2.16.25 and it’s the same issue on both of those apps. For the pan, the media volume works like normal though.

It’s harder to tell on the pixel 3a phone because when you raise the volume, it shows the same icon for raising the volume whether it’s a call volume or media volume.

I’m having the exact same issue. I am, however using a smart watch which is always connected to my phone via bluetooth, and when I turn that off, the volume is controlled by media volume and not call volume…
EDIT: nevermind, turned off bluetooth, volume is still trying to use ‘in call volume’ on my samsung s20 instead of media volume.

It has been going on a while… I noticed it some time last year, but we didn’t use the audio on the cameras much so I never bothered looking into it. We bought more cameras since then and use the audio more extensively, so it has become a problem – one because 100% volume for calls does not seem to be as loud as 100% for media, and also because 0% volume for calls is not silent, so you can’t mute the audio via the volume controls; you have to switch it off in the app.

It shouldn’t be the same icon. Assuming you’re on the latest Android 11, you should see something similar to the below screenshot. The colors changed when I took the screenshot since it involved pressing the volume buttons, but the slider on the left is the media volume and was greyed out right before the screenshot, indicating it is not the active audio source. The slider on the right is the call volume and the active audio source being adjusted by the volume buttons.

I really wish they’d fix this, because it’s super annoying due to the restricted audio levels, and can result in unexpectedly broadcasting camera audio because it’s not controlled by the media volume like it should be.

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I agree with you! Call volume cannot get as loud as media volume and then you can’t turn off the call volume! You would have to touch the mute icon but I don’t want to do that and forget to turn it back on sometimes.

I noticed there is a difference in volumes on Android 11 now. I’m not sure why I didn’t see it before. Thanks for the screenshot though. Maybe I was testing a pan before because you can still control media volume on the pan, WCO, and doorbell. The cameras affected are V1, V2, and V3 it seems.

I submitted a ticket. Do you have another ticket you have submitted?

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Same issue, audio playing through in call volume instead of media audio. I use it as a baby monitor through the night, and it’s lowest setting is way too loud for my wife and I to sleep. Having it go through the audio settings will make this way more adjustable.



Having this issue as well, on all devices attached to the account. App appears to change call volume instead of media volume. The big issue with this is the volume remains loud even when turned down to the lowest call volume level, far louder than it needs to be. I’ve been experiencing this for a few months now.

Edit: and resetting or uninstalling and reinstalling the app doesn’t fix this, so it’s definitely a problem with the app itself

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I sent this issue up the chain so hopefully they can get it fixed sooner rather than later…

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At first I was excited to see that someone else posted the issue this year and it’s getting traction.

But based on all these posts from 2018/2019, I have lost all hope :frowning: that Wyze will fix this:

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I am having the same exact issues I’m using it as a baby monitor so I really need this fixed sooner rather than later. I’m about to take down the wyze cameras and just get a regular baby monitor. I hope this can get fixed soon.

Do you know if there is a timeline on when this issue might be adressed?

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Unfortunately, I do not know when or if this will even get fixed.

Bump, it’s always been that way and it’s super annoying. Half the time it barely works.

This is by far the worst thing about these cameras. Any updates?

Figured I’d update on my situation while also keeping some activity on the thread. I actually just bought a new tablet about a month ago, a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. So of course one of the things I decided to do as I’m setting it up was install the Wyze app. This issue immediately started on my new tablet with a fresh install. The app ignores the media volume and just sits at LOUD.

So I had a thought, what if this issue is account related? Its doing consistently on all the devices I have logged into the account, including both my and my wife’s phones, as well as this new tablet. Anyone have this happening on multiple devices too?

This is becoming pretty frustrating and I’m considering looking for alternative solutions.

The live audio deal has been an issue for some time, an LG smartphone has audio on the “Call Volume” while a OnePlus Smartphone has it on “Media Volume” and both have same App version 2.23.21

I’m having the same issue, not sure if it’s the app or my new phone.

How has this not been fixed yet? Cant hear any audio on pixel 5 due to this.


No, it still has not been fixed unfortunately. :frowning:

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