Lingering Confusion with Notifications (and Rules)

Ok, I’ve had Wyze cams since the early days of V1’s, so I’ve been with Wyze awhile, and I like to think I’m pretty adept at the advanced workings of the cams (and I have the HMS).

However, there’s one area that I continue to not fully understand, and that’s in the area of push notifications, and namely their interaction with rules and with shared cams.

First, a couple of assumptions I’m working with and I wanna be corrected if I’m wrong.

Assumption 1: The little bell icon on the top right corner of the home page is a global “on-off” for notifications, and this is merely a shortcut to the global push notifications button that you find in
account >notifications>push notifications. It’s one and the same

Assumption 2: each individual camera has its own notifications setting that can be turned on or off…(but having a cam’s notifications on will not override the global setting)

Assumption 3: if I share a camera with another account (or another account shares one with me), no matter what the primary account’s notification settings are, either global or device specific, the account that is RECEIVING the shared camera will STILL give notifications from the shared camera.

If the above assumption #3 is correct…why is this the case? I can see not having the “disable push notifications (global) setting being turned on not affecting the shared camera on the receiving person’s device, but I don’t understand how if I go into the shared cam’s individual settings, and turn off notifications, how or why does it still give notifications on the shared device?

Now, related ( or maybe unrelated) to the above, it seems the only truly way for the shared cam on the shared device to NOT be blowing up the receiving device’s notifications, is to turn off “event recording”…my question kind of has to do with the terms used by the app.

In the individual cam’s settings, it’s called “event recording”, but under “Rules”, like if you wanted to schedule a time to turn this off, it’s called “motion detection”.

So, that’s my FOURTH assumption: that “event recording” is the same thing as “motion detection”.

If the above 4th assumption is correct, it begs the question: by whatever name it’s called, what does it actually do? Is motion detection actually turned off so that quite obviously there’s no event to record, or does the cam still detect motion but simply doesn’t record it (and if that’s the case, shouldn’t it still notify you?). I do note that if you go into a cam’s individual settings and turn off “event recording”, it then tells you under notifications that “you will not receive these notifications until you enable event recording”.

Finally, if the above are truly one in the same, it seems they actually should be two separate settings: the ability to turn off or on EITHER event recording OR motion detection. Because what if I DO want it to tell me there’s motion, but I just don’t want it to record it?

Ok, end of semi-rant.

Let’s see if I can provide some clarity here…

Yep! The bell is a global notification on/off control for your account. This is one level higher than your device level notification settings. There is one level higher than the bell which is your app settings in your devices OS.

Yes. Regardless of what your device notification settings are, if the bell is enabled you will receive notifications based on your device settings, if it is disabled, you will not receive any notifications.

The device settings follow the device. If you are shared a camera and the cameras event recording is enabled and the notifications are enabled, you should be receiving the notifications (given your bell is enabled) regardless of the other person’s bell status.

The bell controls notifications coming into your account. If a camera is shared, it’s like the other user has that device and that devices settings apply to the shared user (with some limitations on control and features available). The other users global account notification control (bell) does not carry over, only the individual device settings.

Pretty much. Motion detection is the setting that controls if your camera records events or not. If your motion detection is enabled, your camera will save clips, if disabled, it will not. This is your cloud recordings settings, this is different than your local storage settings (local storage and cloud storage are completely Independant of eachother). Rules will trigger on cloud motion detection event recordings, not notifications.

Start thinking about the Sense sensor line (which is only available in HMS currently). that has a motion detector which will just trigger on motion and provide notification. If only thing available is the cameras motion detection You can start looking into Cam plus AI which can limit your notifications and events.

Hey, thanks for the responses, it offers some clarity, except for this part above:

I’m running two accounts, business and home, it does NOT appear the individual NOTIFICATION setting of a camera carries over to the shared device, ONLY event recording.

In other words, if I go into the shared camera (on the main account) and then turn off its individual notifications , I STILL get the notifications on the shared device.

Is this not supposed to happen?

Edited: I meant to say if I turn off its individual NOTIFICATIONS

Second edit:

Maybe the individual settings do carry over because I just tried what I described above, and I did NOT get a notification on my shared device.