Limited recorded events per day

I have two Wyse cam at home. One is v2 and it is placed at my house’s front.
A policeman came to our door last year to ask for security footage if any can help them with a case.
I realized that my camera was pointed too low and only seeing the front yard. Therefore, I decided to adjust it to view a little bit more of the street.
So far it has number of recorded motion daily.
Today, I wanted to review an event supposed to be recorded in the morning but I can only find events recorded starting at 2:00 pm. Then I
I reviewed video footage by day and found that the Wyse cam v2 only has records of 20 motion events per day. I don’t remember ever setup my Wyse cam with this limitation.
How can I fix it?

Just keep trying to scroll up, the App will add 20 additional clips at a time. You can eventually see as many as you want. Sometimes it resets to the first 20 if you view a clip.

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Yes, Thank you.
I didn’t know that I have to wait.