Limit notifications

Can we add limits to notifications? Love wyze sense. Would prefer to only receive notifications from sense devices at night and one camera. I still want the other cameras to record as scheduled but not notify me all night long. I.e. want to record all night when motion is detected outside, but passing car lights trigger it. Motion window doesn’t help with that. Still want app notifications during the day though when someone is at the door or delivery. Basically time parameters per device when notifications push to my Android. Example 2 motion sensor (or contact sensor) schedule notifications for night only for when they shouldn’t be activated.

Basically, I previously completely shut off notifications due to too many false detections. Even playing with settings: sensitivity, window, sound, I knew I would just stop checking. BUT if I can get certain devices to still record all the time and limit when my phone tells me, I think it will be more effective.

Did I miss this setting? Seems like all or none for push notifications.

See this thread for an idea how to control sensors and one camera on a schedule.

As far as notifications from the cameras are concerned, there are three places to control push notifications:

  1. Per camera in the camera’s Settings > Event Recording > Send Push Notification. This can be controlled by the camera owner or shared user and will affect both. This does affect Smoke/CO Alarm push notifications.

  2. Globally on an account basis by tapping the bell icon on the top right of the home screen, or using the switch in Account > Notifications. This affects only the owners or shared users login account on all devices they have logged in to the Wyze app.

  3. In the phone’s OS settings, which can enable or disable all notifications from any particular app. This applies to only that particular phone/tablet. (Note: this is not possible in some versions of Android.)

You can think of the three notification control options as three concentric rings or gates. If the inner gate (level-1, per camera) is closed, no notifications get beyond that level. If the gate is open, then the notification can attempt to get past the next level (level-2, account), etc.

Thank you I just clicked on shortcuts and discovered what I was looking for. Swear I tried searching. Maybe include instructions or add tutorial.

Instructions to take the tutorial are at the bottom of the first post in this topic. Please be sure to summon discobot with a private message. Hope that helps. :slight_smile: