Lightning Strike

Here is an Awesome Lightning strike my original Wyze Pan Cam v1 captured a while back. It was so close it lit up the night like daylight.
Sorry that the quality is so bad I had to lower the resolution so much to get it under 5mb to post it here.


Is it just me or did the view seem to bubble and warp like the camera was traveling through a wormhole or other dimension (sci-fi movie visual effects)? I also felt like I could see at the speed of light as it traveled up the street toward the camera. Altogether, it was a cool effect.

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When I was about 5 years old I used to be terrified of thunderstorms. My father tried to allay my fears by telling me God was bowling and when the thunder happened, he got a strike.

Fast forward 62 years and you will see my duma$$ on the deck enjoying the distant rumble and lightning. Almost got bit a few years ago. Saw the gutter was overflowing, so I waited until the lightning subsided and got on an aluminum ladder and was reaching up into the gutter when I felt a pretty good zap. Not like getting bit by 120VAC,but enough to get me back in the house. Now when it is storming, my wife asks if I am going to clean the gutter.