Nearby Lightning Strike

WARNING: Turn your volume down.

This morning at 4:03 we had a very close lightning strike. Nothing as dramatic as the exploding tree, but it sure got my attention. All of my wired cameras outside recorded an event. But only 1 captured a little of the actual lightning bolt. Here are a couple views and a still shot of the bolt.

The bolt is the small white line above the back of the trailer at the top left of the frame.



Has spring sprung? Here in So Cal, weather-wise, intermittent. But.

Fig trees leafing. Insects waking. Mailman whistling. Could be worse. :slight_smile:


Well, the temps are in the 50s here. But that doesn’t always mean much. The robins are searching for worms and some trees are starting to bud. But, it will be a couple of weeks before things really start hopping.

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…I like to stay just off the bleeding edge.

Is this strike about as close as you’ve come? :wink:

Nothing to speak of here so far (I should shut up :zap::frog: :zap: )

Back in the early ‘70s my friend’s house got hit by lightning. Bolt came through the kitchen window and blew a hole in the front of their refrigerator. I saw the aftermath. Fortunately nobody was in the kitchen.

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That is why I keep my :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: in the mini fridge in the garage. I got the mini fridge out of a junk pile in Japan in 1982 and it still makes the beer ice cold. :grin: :grin: :


CARBON!! image

R12 refrigerant :rofl: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


Still have a can (16oz) with a price tag of $1.39

Now it sells for 20 times that

Wiki factoid: Its only allowed usage is as a fire retardant in submarines and aircraft.

Side effect: Cold beer in submarines and aircraft? :thinking:

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Holy crap! Back in early 2000 I was living in Philly and then was outside smoking and a lightning bolt hit a tree very close to Split the tree in half and made my left arm go numb and knocked me off the porch When I was a teenager my friends and I watched a lightning bolt hit a manhole cover in the street and flip it up in the air spinning like a flipped coin.

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You should check this post out. I think you’ll really be able to relate.

DAMN! I’ve caught a couple of those. Pretty cool!