Light Switch Glows

I’m using the night vision with IR lights on and am pointed down a hallway about 30 feet long. Well, in complete darkness AND with partial lighting one of the light switches glows bright orange in one small area. There are other light switches, but only this one glows. There is also a small orange glowing light near it about two feet from the ceiling on an empty, flat wall. I’ve searched all over and cannot find an answer as to what this may be or why. Its not a reflection, as the other ones would he emitting the same strange light. Any ideas?

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can you post a picture of what you are seeing? without that it’s hard to tell.

having just joined you wont have the “trust level” for the forums to post a pic so I’m going to bump the @Mods to see if we can get your trust level bumped up so you can post a few pics if you would be willing.

it would be good to see exactly what you are seeing when the camera has the night vision on. then another pic with lights in that area on from the same camera. and then if you can post a picture taken with your phone as well of what you think is causing the glow. I’m sure we could figure it out.


I bumped the trust level up so feel free to post a picture if needed


Light switch has a night light. The orange glow is the neon bulb. I have several in my house


I agree with @doug.spindler - probably a neon light in the switch itself. Haven’t seen one lately but I have one in my house that’s been there for many years. Just enough “orange” glow to let you find the switch in the dark.


I took the cover off of the switch and there is no neon bulb in there. I will get pics tonight and post. An its not just the switch, there is also a spot a couple of feet from the ceiling. Hopefully some pics will clarify the situation. Thanks for the input.

You’ll need to post some pics. If you were with the Air Force you would probably be saying they are UFO. Orange is typically neon. Could it be the indicator light from a power strip?

Could it be heat from an electrical connection? Maybe a bad connection or something drawing too much on the circuit?

Then you are talking about a heater. If the wires or connection were hot enough to glow and it’s not a heater you would have had a fire by now.

Really need some pictures. You can go back days on your SD card; it doesn’t have to be a live shot.