Illuminator hack / sort of

So I noticed when we put in an “orange” bulb for halloween as the porch light, the camera had better visibility. So I painted half a bulb.

Porch light is now orange-ish, which is fine by me, and much better visibility for the camera without using any illuminator. The light is on a smart switch so off during the day.

The camera is inside


I like it! Does it function as a bug light as well?

I don’t know, I’ll have to wait till it’s warm again, these days it’s a high of 8 degrees C, so not a lot of bugs out.

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Hello teredactle,
Does the orange paint part of the bulb face towards the camera’s field of view?
Looks like it attracts pumpkins. Just kidding.
Nice idea.

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Well, with the lightbulb installed in the porch light housing, tightened all the way, I drew with a pencil the middle of the bulb (facing away from the house), then eyeballed it and put masking tape on half and spray painted it. I did t have any red/dark red paint, just some “red fluorescent” paint. So outwards the light is orange-ish, and towards the house the original white, I think it’s a 2700k led bulb.

Like those warm white 2700k bulbs. What brand/type of “red fluorescent” paint.
e.g. Krylon DIY/Craft/Metal. .

It’s this, I guess it’s more orange than red