Light bulbs making noise

Hi, some of my bulbs are making noises when the lights are off. Any idea why, and how to make it stop? Thanks.

Hello @ribogushter and welcome to the community

What kind of noises?

That is very odd. I haven’t experienced any noise coming from my bulbs on or off. Is it a buzzing or humming sound or what?

I’ve heard of this when LED bulbs are being run from a dimmer switch, which shouldn’t be done even when the switch is full on or full off.

I’m sorry about the late reply. I have problems describing the noise :slight_smile: (English not first language). It’s kind of quiet high-pitched humming I guess, def not buzzing… Only when the lights are off. There is no dimmer. It’s a plain standing light fixture (see photo). I can’t hear the noise when I’m fairly far from the lights, but when I’m close, it’s maddening (think dogs and ultrasound, or whatever their case is :slight_smile: )

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Thank you!

might you be able to capture this sound on a small video so you could upload it here for us to hear?

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There are a couple of questions here:

  1. Is the noise coming from all three lights or just one bulb.
    • You can check this by unscrewing each bulb, one at a time and see if the noise stops/changes.
  2. If it’s all lights, can you move the whole lamp to a different outlet, on a different electrical cuircut?
  3. If it’s one bulb can you move it to a different fixture and see if the noise follows?
  4. Is the lamp on a switch? Try moving it to a non-switch controlled outlet.

I was finally able to get back to you… Here is a short recording. Actually the system says that new user can’t upload files :frowning:
Here is a dropbox link:

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I will try these steps next. Thank you!

I have increased your trust level, so you can try uploading again if you’d like. :slight_smile:

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sadly I’m unable to check that link due to security on the computer have access to right now, I’ll try to check it out if /when I’m home

That is a very annoying noise, I am curious as to what the results are from what @zjed posted as that is the same thing I would have you do.

My wyze bulb is doing the exact same sound while off. Any ideas?