Wyze Plug high frequency noise?!?

Hello I recently purchased a couple of Wyze Plugs that my bedside lamps are plugged I. To. They have been working perfectly, however, I recently noticed a high pitched noise coming from one of the plugs when it is NOT turned on. The noise is not really noticeable until you get down close to the plug, but when the plug is turned on, the sound goes off. The plug is not warm to the touch or anything…I’ve had phone charges do similar things in the past but I got rid of them Lol. Is this normal, and is it related to transmitters in the plug, or should I be worried? Thanks in advance for the help!

Hello @gmckinney1 and welcome to the community.

I have not seen or heard of any instances like this. I would highly recommend you contacting support on this issue.

Sounds [sic] like a hardware issue- if it were me, I’d get it exchanged.

I hear the noise as well from one of my wyze plugs…especially when it is turned off. It sounds like a capacitor going bad or some other high pitched whine. I’ve heard it since the beginning but didn’t think much until it started getting louder recently.

I can say that this is a real thing.