ANyone else hear this?

This is coming from - of all things - a Wyze plug. My wife thought I was crazy (she can’t hear it coming from the plug, at all), but I can hear it constantly. The plug isn’t on, just sitting idle.

Anyone else hearing this out of your plugs?

that is an pitch coming from the electricity trans versing in the plug itself. its usually in the 50-70 HRZ ranges. usually as you get older ( or incur hearing damage) you become less sensitive to sounds higher in the frequency range. this is more than likely why your wife can’t hear it. I don’t know of any fixes for it though. it might just be that you are far more susceptible than she is. I do have one plug I can hear a similar sound from but it’s not causing any issues I’m aware of. Ive been able to hear high frequency since I was a kid and I could hear a tv turn on or off from another room.


The high pitch could be the power supply, but the clicking sounds more like relay chatter. Do you have and know how to use a multimeter? You could run a few easy tests if you have access to one.