Light Animations/Effects Ideas (e.g. fade opacity 100%-80% over 10sec, for relaxing candle-like effect)

Thanks for giving us some hope, @mike.s - I’m a new customer and find it hard to believe that a smart bulb can’t do these types of things here in 2022. I’ll hold off returning my Wyze color bulbs.

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Wyze Light Strip Pro fade through colors

I would LOVE to have a feature where the light strip pro could fade or “breath” between colors without having to be in Music mode. Sometimes I don’t have music on and it would nice to have the strip be able to fade between all the colors.

This seems simple enough to add and that functionality already exists in the light strip pro.
Thank you!!

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Wyze Color bulb should allow “effects” such as strobe & rainbow to replace RGB LED strips. There should be no reason why Wyze Color bulb doesn’t allow you to pre select say 6 to 12 colors and then cycle through said colors at a set pace by the user. This in effect would replace low powered RGB LED strips one may have purchased years ago.

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Yes, I need some type of flicker bulb that is like a candle but either in the shape of a flame or not and have the option for different intensities/speeds of flickering and the option for it not to flicker, too. It could be part of an existing bulb or its own bulb if that wouldn’t be possible. It would also be nice if it was weatherproof, and I would like to put it outside next to my driveway. It also needs to be fairly bright because I want it to still light up the area. It would be good if the brightness was adjustable.

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Tv mimic flicker

A feature for the wyze strip pro to mimic a tv being on that creates the illusion of a tv flicker rather than having the television being on. More of a safety feature when the house is empty in the evenings. .


Ooo, that’s a good idea! And maybe not even for the light strip pro, maybe also the bulbs and the floor lamp. :person_shrugging:


I have created a rule to blink a wyze bulb color in RED if my wyze floodlight siren goes off detecting a person in my carport after midnight. But I would like to have it blink alternating RED and BLUE. I don’t see anyway to make that happen other than adding a second bulb to do the other color.
I would like to see a blink option in the app, I would guess this might be something to add to wishlist.

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How did you create the rule to blink it? I have a Wyze outlet with a police light plugged into it which I can activate with person detection. Then after 60 seconds I have it turn off.

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These are the actions included with color bulb

This is the rule for night siren on wyze floodlight with cam

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More Built in Dynamic light bulb settings

I have a Wyze Bulb color and a few wiz Bulbs, and the Wiz bulbs have so many settings and controls of there lights. I can have flame options and color changing and Dynamic lighting. I wish you could add these features to the Wyze bulb colors. I would Glady buy more of them over my Wiz bulbs, but currently the lack of these features makes me buy wiz over wyze bulbs for my wifi connected bulbs

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Wyze bulb features

I recently bought Phillips colored bulbs using the WIZ platform 2 pack, for $10 @ home depot I am shocked at how cheap these bulbs are; They have much more features then my Wyze bulbs, like light changing features, the single bulb will transition from 3 or 4 different colors creating useful & creative effects. Why can’t my much more expensive Wyze color bulbs do this too?

#strobe light.

Been having an increase of creepers trying to open car doors during the night . I depend on the Wyze device triggers to turn on the outdoor bulbs as method of deterrence. Needless to say, this issue gets me thinking of different ways to modify my devices.

Anyone ever toss around the idea of adding a LED strobe on the bulb? Or, maybe a wireless strobe that can be put in the yard? Having a trigger causing a quick 3 minute stobe is often enough to cause these creepers to move on to a different area. Additionally, it gets the attention of passing witnesses.

This could be an integrated feature inside the bulb or a totally separate attachment.

Just a feature I wish was inside the bulb.

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I like your idea and it would be great to have incorporated. For now I use a Wyze Plug with an attached strobe light plugged into it. I have an automation that “turns on the plug” when a thing happens and an automation that “turns off the plug” after being on for n minutes. Not a beautiful solution but it works for now. You could also put a horn or siren on the same plug.

I’ve also learned/decided that Wyze really adds no significant features/value to their products after launch. So if you see what you like in the product today you’ll be happy. But don’t expect an evergreen product with new features blooming monthly or quarterly. It doesn’t happen. Even if you could tell them step-by-step how easy you think it would be for them to incorporate the idea into the existing idea, they don’t. It’s a waste of time. They must dismantle the development teams moving the developers to new products. All you get are firmware bug fixes. Not my company so I don’t make the rules. Not my style but it is what it is. They are a VC company. New products make profits, not new features. So just wait for them to release “The next color light it’s even more amazing with more blah blah blah” and that will be significant and you’ll replace and discard all those old bulbs. and the new bulbs will never evolve but it’s enough to keep you buying/replacing. That’s what they do and that’s just how it is. Creates a lot of e-waste. It’s how it is. This isn’t a rant it’s just how I view Wyze.

Also desire what others have asked for. Need the ability to schedule fade between different brightness/colors on a schedule. Current “wake up” is insufficient as you can only have one wake up schedule regardless of the day of the week. WiZ has ability to schedule a separate dynamic wake up scene for every day of the week. Current “bedtime” is insufficient as light shuts off at end rather than staying in night light, and again only one schedule regardless of days of week. If Wyze added the ability to schedule rule “fade from color x and brightness y to color a and brightness b over time z” then all users could set up their own preferred wake up or bed time schedules, making current Wyze sleep routines obsolete. Also users could implement the same rule structure for other purposes, such as making a custom “sun match” with dynamic brightness. Until these are addressed the Wyze bulbs are going in the basement and I’m switching to WiZ.

Requesting a ‘fade’ option to cycle through light colors slowly

Hi wyze community! I just ordered 6 of the wyze color lights and was disappointed that there was no option to have my lights fade and slowly turn into different colors. Even with the light strip’s Marquee mode changes colors very quickly and it is not subtle at all. Will a ‘fade’ mode be possible in the near future? I want to buy more lights for my home but i want to be able to customize them a lot more and will probably switch brands if this really isnt possible to implement. thanks.

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Feature Request - Colorbulb “Campfire Mode”

Is there a way to make the Colorbulb imitate a flickering yellow flame, like that of a campfire? That would be a really cool feature if possible!

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