Color Lighting Products - Color options for Sleep Routines Wake Up

Currently the wake up feature just uses white light, even for wyze color bulbs. However there are numerous products out there whos wake up light transition using red tint to mimic the morning sun. Even studies have shown that using red tint in the beginning is a more efficient way. Please add an option to choose colors in wake up feature for wyze color bulbs.

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Better stimulate sunrise/sunset in wake/sleep routine

The ability to create sleep and wake routines is fantastic, but would greatly benefit from greater color customization for the bulb color.

Coming from a standalone Phillips wake/sleep light, I really enjoyed the bright white to deep red sunsets, and vice versa for sunrise. Simulating this would be the gold standard.

As wake routines are now, the initial brightness/temperature is somewhat jarring. Currently the app has the ability to set a finishing brightness/temp for the wake routine, adding a starting and finishing color temperature for wake and sleep routines (respectively) would be amazing.

Let the whole room be a sunrise/sunset! :sunrise: