Make Sleep-routine “sunrise” setting user programmable

Hi, new user here. I bought the color bulbs largely because of the advertised “sunrise” lighting wake-up feature. Now that I am using it, I notice that the incremental increases in lighting feel glitchy. By glitchy I mean non-linear. Every incremental increase feels like a jump in brightness.

Is this a function of hardware limitations or feature programming?

My request is to program the sleep-routine “sunrise” feature to few more seamless as the brightness increases from 0% to X% (user preset brightness max).

I 100% agree with you on this. I feel that there should be a lot more customization available in the sleep and wake programs to be more in line with the competition (Hue, Wiz, etc). Check out the other thread I added to on colour customization for sleep/wake, to better utilize the colour options of the bulb and emulate sunset/sunrise: Color Lighting Products - Color options for Sleep Routines Wake Up - #2 by DartmouthDave