Less Reliant on AWS Please

I understand that sadly EVERYONE is relying heavily on AWS, from Disney to Netflix, to DoD, to Wyze, etc etc etc…

But there has got to be a way that when I’m in my house, on my wifi, that I can control devices locally to me whether AWS goes down or not!

Please find a way to patch in that capability or I and probably many others will go the more tedious route, but also more stable and secure route of using things like HomeAssisstant SonOff and so on.

I like Wyze a lot! I want to continue using these products but if I can’t control the light right next to me because AWS is down… that’s a deal breaker!

Fix it please!

Thank you


It’s more about having linked AWS regions but it is costly. This latest outage affected us-west-1 but last major one was us-east-1

Disagree. Resiliency across regions certainly helps but providing local control (even if only in a fallback mode) handles many more failure scenarios (loss of local Internet and others).

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Not disagreeing on local control at all…

I still have that with my WEMOS using AutomationManager

but many assumptions are made about being in cloud and additional fault tolerance not being considered in those deployments