One of Few Gripes about Wyze

I love Wyze. The products are good, the price is better, and what they’re doing to the industry is outstanding…

BUT WHY DO I NEED TO MANUALLY PAIR MY DEVICES ANY TIME THERE IS AN OUTAGE?! AWS goes down today, and I have to manually pair all of my devices again (unless there is a shortcut?) because they won’t automatically connect back to the wifi. Wifi signal is strong, and working just fine. I’ll do it because I hate being offline, but this would be wonderful to resolve by itself.

The outage is not over yet. I’d wait until it is rather than try to force things to work during the outage. You may not have to do anything in the end.


An email to users would have prevented me from adding devices again only for that to fail! That and having to rexadd every time I get a blip in housepower.

They sent out 2 emails (I received both), but they needed wider distribution. Hopefully they will improve that in any after-action analysis they do. :slight_smile:


Weirdly even the support site link doesn’t have a banner up top. They have them all the time for other issues. The AWS forum thread is "pinned* but that is not really sufficient. In my opinion the main web site should have a banner too in times like this… instead of these two banners at present:


I think that is actually a good idea, I will pass that along to them after they are done dealing with the mess going on now


Poor Gwen thought they already put it up this morning. :frowning: