LED light vs camera

install a camera above or below a LED light

I have one below, but it recently died so I will replace it soon.

Here is a video from it, when working with a V3

Always above; I have mine installed above the camera since my camera is looking down,so it won’t shine into the camera
if the camera is above the light then it will pick up the light and distort your pic/video
look at the flash lights of all camera are above the lens, so as the light for V3 cam

Tag says WCO outdoor cam, not V3

And my setup is using a V3 with a non-wyze motion flood below it…

The angle of the light vs. the angle of the camera would probably determine which would be best.

For example, if the light is tilted down more than the camera, you probably wouldn’t want it above. If it were tilted down less, you probably wouldn’t want it below. If both are at the same angle, I would normally go with above, as more height means lighting up a broader area (albeit with a bit less brightness per square foot).

Frankly, unless the light doesn’t protrude as far as the Wyze camera, or is at a noticeably different angle, it really shouldn’t be critical.

You should add the spotlight and turnoff the irr to get full color at nite

Done, some critter knocked IR motion sensor out of alignment (probably deer) now it works in color.

Refilled my mini beer cooler and back to my office above garage after testing camera and non-Wyze motion sensor floodlight to watch some streaming TV.

in my opinion much better than pile of junk WCO that misses parts of an event and no battery recharging of a cheap failure prone WCO non-replaceable battery. My 100 Ah battery is replaceable just order another on Amazon…

We use the moss 50,000 power bank we have 1 on a V3 cam and it will run for 6 days with no issue

Full darkness test, makes WCO look like junk…

100Ah (100,000 mAh) with solar is what’s here 3 V3,s and 2 motion sensor floodlights (non-Wyze) 1 flood on 2 of 3 V3’s will eventually and 3rd flood to last V3 and likely another panel as November to Late-February get 3-4 hours of direct sunlight due to trees in forest… Right now at it’s limit.

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I had to read your post a couple of times. Mostly because you looked like a humble traveler who just got brighted by someones spot light and camera and corrected course so as to not get caught intruding then had some feelings about needing to change your path​:rofl::rofl:.

But it was just you “testing”

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