Learning Thermostat?

I have a heat pump with resistive auxiliary heat. Does this thermostat learn how long it takes to heat from one schedule period to the next to avoid aux heat? For example, I drop the temp to 62 at night, then back to 68 in the morning. Does it learn how long it takes to reheat to slowly bring the temp back up, or does it just slam the set point to 68, which would cause the backup heat to come on? Inquiring, since if the latter, it negates any cost savings of dropping the temp.

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The learning feature is scheduled to come in 2021.

Coming early 2021
Learning algorithms to automate your temperature.

You can use schedules on the thermostat manually for this to happen.


Until the Learning feature is added, you can set your temp differential for your backup heat to 5+ degrees. That way it won’t activate backup heat unless the temp difference between the current temperature and new set point exceeds 5+ (or whatever difference you specified), allowing your heat pump to provide the heating.

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Thanks for the replies! Lol…I hadn’t even thought about those ideas, both good ones!