Leak Sensor False Triggers

First, I will tell you that this is probably not worth your time. With that said, I am building up a new monitoring system for a Short Term Rental. One of the KEY things we watch for is a water leak that might occur when the home is not occupied, so I ordered 9 sensors. Upon adding them to my Wyze Sense Hub, several of them indicated a leak “at the body” when they were just sitting at my desk. I was tempted to just return them, but wanted to find out what was causing the problem. As it turns out, the issue appears to be flux contamination on the internal circuit board. Every one of the units I opened had the flux contamination. This was rosin flux which shouldn’t be a problem, but I cleaned it all off anyway and it did fix one of the sensors.

Tools and materials you’ll need:
#0 Phillips Screwdriver (jewelers screwdriver)
A decent pin (to remove the screw plugs)
Electrical cleaner (Alcohol might work)
paper clip

1 - Remove the battery
2 - Peel off the grey adhesive pad on the bottom
3 - use the pin to remove the four black rubber plugs
4 - use the jewelers screwdriver to remove the four screws
5 - using the battery compartment, pull the base cover out of the sensor (it may be stiff due to the O-ring
6 - Bend one end of a paperclip into a small hook to lift out the circuit board.
7 - use the electronic cleaner (or alcohol) to remove the contamination on both sides of the circuit board paying attention to the areas around the body and remote sensor contact areas.
8 - re-assemble the sensor

I was able to recover one of the sensors by doing this…nothing would stop the false trigger on the others. I have no idea why those were failing. Those are being returned.

Apparently, I can only post one picture, so here is a picture of the contamination to be cleaned:

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