How to clear leak detector alert?

So I just got my leak detectors. Set one up, attached probe, dipped probe in water, fine says leak detected and gives time. Cleaned probe contacts, detector still says leak. Disconnected probe, get a new alert for leak, reconnect probe, get a new alert for leak.
Had to remove battery to get the alerts to clear and the device to say normal in app.
Is ther no way to clear the device from within the app? Defective detector?

Ooooo, don’t do that. These are not IP-rated submersible probes. I would theorize water entered the probe, and it will now say leak detected until it dries out. That may take a long time.

If you MUST submerge the probe, try applying some rubberized RTV sealant to where the cord enters the probe.


One of my leak detectors thought it was wet when I placed it (it wasn’t, perhaps it thought my hand was moist). I would like to clear that false status so it’s not what is displayed in the app…

How does one do that?

It should clear itself, as soon as the water dries.

Make sure it isn’t setting in a tiny puddle of water. Do you have a probe connected? If so, is it possible that is wet?

If you can’t find any water reason for it thinking there is a leak, then open the battery door and pop the battery out onto your other hand. Measure it if you have a voltmeter. It should be a little over 3V.

Then securely push it back in place (+ up) and screw the door shut. This will both reset the sensor AND make sure the battery is securely in place. It is possible that the battery was loose, the sensor saw water and reported it, then the battery moved slightly and the sensor lost power and couldn’t report that the leak cleared. Small chance, but a chance.

Once you are reassembled, dip the contacts into water. You should get a leak alert. Dry the contacts. It should report the leak is clear. If you don’t get that, then you may want to call Wyze for a replacement.

Thanks for your reply and suggestions.

It was absolutely dry and for weeks…

I “deleted” the sensor and re-added it, and that cleared it. But it seems like there should be a way to reset it inside the app.

Does it still report leaks/leaks dried without issue?

In theory, as long as the probe is working right, you shouldn’t need to reset it.