Late or nonexistent person notifications

Over the last week my Person notifications have either been 2-3 minutes late or they don’t come at all. I have tried resetting and pulling the power on the v3.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the forums! Is it only the notifications that are late or not showing, or are you not getting events, which means there is nothing to notify you of?

I don’t know but all of a sudden today I’m having the same problem with my V3. When I toggle the all motion events slider to on I start getting people and vehicle notifications again but also every squirrel, wind blow, and cloud. The notifications were working fine until today. I deleted all rules for the camera but still can’t get consistent AI notifications at this time either.

Hi Omgitstony,

I am getting events recorded, just not notification. I made zero changes to my settings I just noticed they stopped today on the V3. I restarted my phone, power cycled the camera by pulling the cord, and rebooted my home network. I have other cameras, a Pan Cam and V2 on the pilot program but my 2 V3s on Cam Plus are having issues.

My notifications have gotten delayed over the last day, up to and over 10 minutes. The weirder thing was that for most of a year I stopped getting ANY to this phone but then, with zero intervening updates to app or to phone, they started completely working again a few weeks ago.

Just notifications. All of the events are recorded.

I am getting all recordings just not many notifications. I have noticed that I am getting clips tagged as vehicles but no notifications even though they’re turned on in Cam Plus settings. Then on the other hand if you have a person in the frame as well I tend to get notified more often. I think maybe there is a bug in vehicle detection but I could be wrong. I have gone out and walked in front of the camera and gotten notification but come in and a car drives by and the V3 records and tags it as a vehicle but doesn’t send a notification as the settings indicate it should.

I seem to get a lot of missed notifications. I’ll get a notification from one camera and go look at other cameras and they will show person detections but I didn’t get anything.

The motion detection delays have been awful. The cause of the notification comes well after the person has left the area. It’s been going on for a long, long time. I was told that Wyze was looking into it but I was never given a follow up at all and the problem remains. The Ring camera picks him up immediately but listen until the very, very end and you FINALLY hear the Wyze detection. He and the dog are long gone.

It’s a know issue “missed notifications”.

There’s a number of other threads regarding and a mass amount of user testing that has been done to try to rule out user side by many in the community. It appears to be all backend.

Any updates on this?