Last update v2.10.74

The last update screwed up all my devices.
3 cameras, 5 contacts, 2 receptacles and a bridge.
Anybody else have this problem?

“screwed up” is pretty vague … can you provide more details…


One camera just started working but everything else is offline.

I had a similar problem. All of my cameras were shown offline.
I rebooted a couple and it seemed to help.
Then I turned the Wifi off/on on my phone and that seemed to fix everything.
IUt may have been a coincidence but they all work fine again.

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I agree with Do a power cycle on the cameras.

I just pis… me off to do all that because of an “upgrade”.

Also the receptacle marked Alarm sets the alarm off on a power failure or it goes offline.

Oh, ok, I thought you were looking for help.
You lost me on the alarm receptacle comment.

Is this with the 2.10.74 app update? It might be helpful to specify which “last update” version you are referring to.

Happened immediately after the update.

Do you know how to roll it back to the previous version?


Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can rollback to the previous app version. There is an even older version online here though. I usually always back up the app before updating so I can revert back if needed. Did you try to uninstall your app and reinstall?

If you’re in the beta program you can revert the app through test flight.

I think he might have Android though according to his screenshot.

If power cycling everything doesn’t resolve things, has a collection of Wyze apps going back to version 1.x.

Just disable automatic PlayStore updates, uninstall the problem version, and then sideload the version you want to use.

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