Larger 30 second rewind/forward buttons

Dear Wyze Team,

When I use the playback view in the iOS app, I found myself unable to hit the 30 second forward/reverse button 50% of the time while looking directly at the screen. Would it be possible to increase the size of button?

Thanks for the great app,

Under both iOS and Android, the button is mostly transparent. You don’t have to tap the 30-sec icon. I highlighted the outer edges of the actual button in red. This example is from an iPhone:

Wyze should be able to make the buttons larger without impacting neighboring buttons by spacing the rows out to use some of the dead/unused screen space.


Nice answer.

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I see. I forgot to mention my issue is in the landscape orientation. I agree, in the portrait orientation the buttons are large enough.

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Now I see those definitely could be larger in landscape mode! :+1:

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