Landscape View For Tablets

No worries…the new toothbrush works in landscape orientation!

And here we go again. Over three years later we still hear the oh my this is going to be so hard to do because we coded the original app wrong in the first place. And then there was the whole virus thing. We still talk about it in our planning meetings and then we laugh and laugh some more. Honestly, there is a project board with post-it notes on it but, the landscape mode post-it sticky all dried up and it fell on the floor and no-one wants to pick it up. Then we talk about vacuums, lamps, fans, scales, v2, v3, v4 of all other products. Honestly, though, we have plans, lots of plans just not sure where landscape mode fits in to the big picture. You know, the picture of happy and loyal customers.

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The MxM app didn’t support landscape mode when it was released. Less than a month later the last update supported landscape. I got an email from them responding to my suggestion for landscape at the time the update.

The MxM app is not as complex as Wyze app, but just saying…

Another Monday, and another day without landscape on my iPad.



Rotated my COVID-19 test kit boxes to Landscape. Does that count?

No, that was the orientation they were designed for, and they are not “tablets” but you made me laugh so loud I scared my cat!

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Apparently Amcrest software programmers are aware of how to make their app work in a usable format on an iPad in Landscape mode…. not ideal, and hopefully they
create a native app that does Landscape properly, but at least this is functional:



Brilliant. This changed in iPadOS 15. iPhone only apps didn’t used to be able to flip in landscape mode, but now they can:

This may be a simple matter for Wyze to change the app designation from iPhone+iPad to iPhone-only. Would not require a complete recoding of the app as has been required previously (and what has prevented this from getting done).

I’m going to push this up the ladder. Sorry, I don’t know if there’s an equivalent thing for Android tablets.


I think android tablets might have 3rd party solutions to make up for this bug in the Wyze App. Perhaps someone running an android tablet can let us know if that is true or not.


Looks as if there are some possibilities (“Rotation Control” and “Force Landscape”) but neither is open source and I haven’t tried them. Similar apps only toggle the regular autorotation settings.

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Agree completely. Was expecting this behavior on my iPad after I updated to iPadOS 15 and was disappointed again. Thanks for following up. This wouldn’t be the perfect solution (redesigned app), but would be very helpful.

I’ve been using Rotation Control for several years - though to ‘fix’ a hardware flaw in a tablet, not to force Landscape on Wyze app. It’s been stable and has shown no 3rd party activity with DDG running.

It does work with Wyze and only requires ‘rotation’ (toggling the ‘guard’ icon in its pull down control menu) to access an individual cam’s Playback button or Settings if it’s in a group.

Tried it with BlueStacks 4 (emulating Android 7) and Wyze app 2.30.0 (130), as well as Android 6.01 on an old tablet running Wyze app 2.22.21 (each also running DDG) with the same results.

I’d say it’s worth experimenting with if you like experimenting. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @peepeep . Hmm, it seems that just twiddling an app’s AndroidManifest.xml file can accomplish this. Some details mid-way through the page at

But if I needed this I would probably just try Rotation Control. I might end up doing it for my tablet console.


The other thing I find interesting, is, the Amcrest Android App when installed in the Windows 10 Android Emulator runs flawlessly. I can navigate deep into settings, view camera’s, etc… and it never crashes.

Wyze App, not even close… Wyze Android runs… looks pretty…, but once you try to do anything of value with it… BOOM… CRASH… BURN… I don’t even bother attempting to use it that way anymore…

Perhaps the current Wyze Android App… is well… showing it’s true colors when subjected to the grueling environment of the Windows Subsystem for Android.

Yet, another compelling reason to ReCreate the Wyze app from scratch on both the Android, IpadOS and iOS platforms?


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Any update on this from Wyze, please? It’s super annoying that the app can’t be used on an iPad in a keyboard stand.


Very Annoying indeed, and the apparent silence from Wyze on this issue is even MORE annoying.

Hey Wyze, I bought a Garage Door Opener, and attempted to install it last night, and gave up trying to get the V3 Cam to recognize the garage door controller… nine of your Wyze Night Lights… and three of your Wyze Room Sensors… so, I’m on board with the Wyze Eco System… sometimes I feel like I’m like a crack addict that keeps coming back for more, sometimes it feels good…and sometimes not so much.

Sorry to go off topic here… but since not much is happening in this thread that has anything to do with Landscape View for Tablets… I thought I’d banter on… and use the space to ‘vent’ and ‘rave’ about some of my recent experiences with Wyze Products in general.

Strangely the Garage Door V3 prompted me for a firmware tonight… I was afraid… we all know how firmware updates tend to introduce undocumented features while trying to fix other undocumented features.

I crossed my fingers… and applied the update (what could it hurt? It wasn’t recognizing my controller anyway)

and, it still did not after the firmware update…

on a whim… I swapped the Micro-USB power plug labeled “Connect to Controller” that was going to the controller, with the Micro-USB power plug labeled 'Connect to Camera" and lo and behold, the Clouds parted, and the Controller was recognized by the App, and I was offered up the steps to calibrate.

So, apparently the Micro-USB connector that was meant for the Controller wasn’t LONG enough to stay seated, but the Camera one was. Who’d of thunk it? hopefully I’m not voiding my warranty plugging the Camera plug into the Controller and vice versa… :slight_smile:

The three Wyze Room sensors setup up without issue, and are comfortably resting in the Family Room, Office, and Master Bedroom… really not sure why I bought them, as we don’t hardly ever use the A/C or Heat here in San Diego County (I’m seven miles from the Ocean). Humidity has been getting worse in the summer here, and these things display humidity, so thought that would be worth having them to display Humidty Levels. Perhaps when the climate changes enough to the point that I need to actually Heat, or Cool my house, they’ll be useful… then with inflation and all, I won’t be able to afford the SDG&E power bill to do so… Too bad the Motion Sensor feature of these Wyze Room Sensors are not available to be used like standard Wyze Motion Sensors (in rules).

Oh, did I mention that it would be oh so exciting to have Landscape mode on my iPad Pro 12.9" with the Logi keyboard attached to it?


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I’m throwing in with this topic as well. Hard to believe the thread was opened in 2018… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: My latest slate is a Nokia T20 (Android 11) that refuses to even take Wyze from the Google Play Store and I’m left side-loading it via XAPK.

The odd thing is that Wyze works in landscape for the majority of things. However, the few that don’t cooperate make it a deal-breaker for the ones that do.

For example, the very home screen itself will not open in landscape on either of my Android tablets. Group views of cameras do just fine in landscape. Delving further, individual camera manipulation only likes to be sideways in portrait. And the controls to switch between these two modes require portrait to return to the home screen… :man_shrugging:t2: Eliminating this shuffle seems paramount. I’m sure there’s more involved from a development standpoint to handle screen geometry, controls to the side instead of below, etc.

Tablets seem much preferable to phones for manipulating video and such simply due to their larger real estate… Especially when you consider that various home security companies offer proprietary tablets to manipulate their systems (perhaps an opportunity for Wyze to sell a certified tablet line :thinking:). Hard to believe that full landscape operation isn’t already the reality considering the combined iPad & Android marketplace. I’m sure the monkey$oft surface would like an invitation too, which segues into the whole browser interface issue… :yawning_face:

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Any word on this from the Wyze Castle?

Seems that you are a screen-orientation gymnast in addition to being a codec shark :shark:


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Agreed… For me it’s a staple to read on my tablet at lunch time. Waaaay easier to just swipe around with a propped up slate than having to hold a device in my greasy :clap:t2: while eating… :upside_down_face:

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