Landscape View For Tablets

100% agree. The cameras are starting to fail and products are getting [Mod Edit: worse and worse].

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Edit 7/25 of…? What year? Post shows 2018

Don’t know what year the 07/25 edit was at the top, but my original post about this issue was on Mar 25, 2018 when I wrote … “Given that you own an iPad Pro, do you feel that landscape mode support throughout the app is a priority, as I do? Very awkward now to use the app on an iPad (esp. if in a case). FWIW … I use the app exclusively on a iPad Pro 9.7” (2016 version)." This led to the Wishlist item.

I don’t think iPad support is ever going to get added. It’s been 4 years and 800 posts, they must surely not consider it a priority. I think it’s time to move on and with Matter launching soon, more cameras will be coming that might have good apps, at least with basic idevice support.

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At least the mods are just editing the bad words out of our posts instead of deleting our posts.

But it’s obvious we are mad at the lack of real effort by Wyze in fixing the landscape issue.

But if we still keep coming back after 4+ years, it’s like being in an abusive relationship, “yeah but he says he loves me.” (Do they really need to change if we are still here?)

Thanks Wyze. :neutral_face:


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View in Landscape

I would really like to be able to view my Wyze Cam app, in Landscape not Portrait on my IPad 7.


I research on the regular for better products at reasonable prices, so that when my camera’s fail, i’ll start to replace them with other brands. I already own four Amcrest Camera’s, so it’s a no brainer that my doorbell replacement will be an Amcrest Doorbell (it supports RTSP and a microSD Card). I have the original Video Doorbell, and the “Pro” version did not have the features I want to justify purchasing it.

I have many Wyze products, and for the most part am happy with them. LANDSCAPE support… not so much.

Wyze needs to realize that there are other options out there. And my loyalty to Wyze tetters on this Landscape Issue. If and when I find a better option where the company has a Landscape app that is written for the iPad Pro 12.9" and has products that meet my needs (RTSP, actually works with my Amazon Echo Show, etc…), It might become time to start transitioning away from Wyze as the products fail or are no longer supported.



I looked into Amcrest, was ‘sold’ until I saw the pricing. Free cloud only gets you live viewing. The cheapest paid subscription is $6 per camera per month!
Any other camera options?
I have 4 arlos with a hub station and I’m paying nothing.
I only have one Wyze cam and so glad I do.

I agree with both of you. I am transitioning away from wyze as products need replacing, but I’m not going to throw away anything that is still working. I have not purchased anything new from wyze in a long time and will not.
The landscape issue is important to me.


I have four Amcrest Cameras they are all RTSP compliant. I don’t use the Amcrest Cloud services. I use Blue Iris and/or QVR Pro on my QNAP NAS and/or various other RTSP compliant software, as well as the Amcrest apps on my phone for the two ‘classes’ of a cameras from Amcrest that I have. I receive email notifications of motion, and view them from the microSD Card and/or Blue Iris / QVR Pro.

I can live without the use of Amcrest Cloud Services with the way I’m using the cameras.

That said, I wanted to use my four Amcrest camera’s (two each of: Amcrest Model: ASH26-W & IP2M-841W-V3) with Amazon Echo Show, but it requires the Cloud Services Subscription to do so. Thus, I don’t get to use that feature from my Amcrest Cameras (I can’t use my Wyze Camera’s with Amazon Echo Show either…, and I DO PAY for Cam Plus on all my Wyze Cameras)

I do find Amcrest’s website to be somewhat annoying with its chat ‘popups’. And I’m not impressed with their support in any way.

And… to keep this on topic, Amcrest has two apps… Amcrest Smart Home is iPhone only, but rotates properly for an iPad in Landscape mode, so that those of us with an attached keyboard can actually use that app with out having to turn our head to the side to see the app properly. (I use this with the flood light cameras ASH-26W)

The other Amcrest app: Amcrest View Pro actually looks to be fully aware of this concept of Landscape on an iPad… imagine that! (I used this with the IP2M-841W-V3 model)



You should be able to see your WyzeCam on echo with no issues. You have to enable the wyze skill and do device discovery. They should show up after that. They even have guard mode fixed on the show 5 and it seems good to go. You have to do this from the phone app for Alexa. Hope this helps.

I set it up in the past, and it worked for awhile, then quit working, and I haven’t returned to trying to get it to work…i’ll give it another go, thanks.

What is 'Guard Mode"?


It’s an Alexa feature that makes all your Echo devices a very poor man’s alarm system when you’re away. It sounds cool-ish but I’ve never turned it on.

iOS landscape mode UI support

When, for the love of Pete is the App UI going to be updated to work in landscape mode pm iOS?


Not in our lifetime apparently.


Don’t hold your breath. I first posted about this in 2018, which (I believe) led to the creation of the Wishlist item. Beyond frustrating that here we are 4 years later and nothing has changed. Certainly my ability to repeatedly rotate my iPad 90° hasn’t changed and never will (due to a physical disability). Given that I was one of the very first Wyze customers back in Jan '18 (several v1 cams) and a Wyze evangelist, I almost feel a sense of betrayal, at the lack of communication on this issue if nothing else. Who knows, maybe someone at Wyze will read this and perhaps think twice about profit vs. doing the right thing. My $0.02