Landscape View For Tablets

Let’s stop and think about the character of Wyze. They say “it will take a complete redesign to implement landscape mode.”
Yet…they can churn out cheap hardware every few months.
So, software for an app is more difficult to design and implement than a robot vacuum, doorbell, thermometer, or smart scale?

Does that mean the app software developers are not very smart (compared to the software devs for the hardware)?

Or does wyze outsource app dev or hardware dev?

Either way, Gwen & company don’t give a [Mod Edit] about this thread any more (or those of us spending time venting on it).

If you’re new here, cut your losses and go with different hardware. Those of us invested a little more than 1 or 2 cameras, it’s a little like Hotel California… we can never leave.

At this point in the game, even if Wyze did implement landscape support, I won’t ever buy more wyze equipment. I’ve passed up a lot of Wyze pieces in the last 2-3 years and would rather suffer the wrath of an irritated wife who wants convenience, than give Wyze any more money.

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