Koalition of the Extremely Independent (KotEI-x)

So the joint doesn’t tip over from awesome wholesome goodness forum left.

Will be away for awhile don’t burn the place down while I’m gone. :fire:


We’ll live…

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I would expect no less from you. ‘Living’ you’ve got cornered. :wink:

Boy, am I sure glad you said, don’t burn the place down. We likely just might have found ourselves doing that without the directive.

Hmm, I will add this “don’t burn the place down”, to my on going list of directives that everyone needs to be reminded of since we are all children. Along with

Don’t eat the yallar snow.
Don’t run with scissors.
Don’t play in the street.
Don’t stand to close to the south end of a north facing horsey.
Don’t spin on the merry-go-round after eating spaghetti.

Hey Sam, it’s ironical, absurd, no one’s about to ‘burn anything down,’ in fact, just the opposite, yeah? :grin:

It’s a very orderly forum with a a big variety of folks expressing their disparate views with good respect. The moderators are top notch and handle any kerfuffles with great aplomb.

Cheers to them, and you, my friend. See you down the road a bit…

I know, I agree with you. I forgot to add to my last line the following, “he said with sarcasm dripping from his lower lip.”

I’m trying to figure out what it implies if I like your post…

But either way, be safe little froggy.


It’s like when you fall asleep in coach with your head on a stranger’s shoulder. When you were both asleep you got along just fine. :slight_smile:

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I love, love, love this response. I only regret the quote filter prevents me from including the final dot.


Edit: weird, the dot put itself back anyway. Also, have fun, Peep.

To paraphrase

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Peep



Esther! :heart_eyes:

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“Wet, she’s a star. Dry, she ain’t!”

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Yessir! :grin:

Hey @TomG @Customer and the rest of you Guys and Dolls within earshot!

Stay moist (at least!) :ocean:


Geez I thought he left.

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:eagle::eagle: :eagle: image :eagle:

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wow, where did you find my picture?

You look good, Sam. Sleek, like a seal! :seal:

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