Kindle Fire Max 11

Wyze app won’t load from Play Store. Use APK Mirror to side load. Works perfect. No need to create to create an account.

Since it’s not using an app store to keep up to date, just remember to manually update it with the new App version occasionally by downloading it off APK Mirror again so that the app continues to match the firmware it was developed to support. Then you’ll continue to have the best experience.


Do you have a link? I’ve searched for the APK and it seems to redirect to the play store. It installs on my 2020 fire tablets but not on my new 2022 version.

I usually use APKmirror to download the APK:

You’ll often see 2 options: the APK download and the bundle download. Use the APK download since it’s straightforward and easy. The Bundle download usually requires special programs to process the install, so just avoid that unless you understand how to do that.

Thank you! I was able to download and install.

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