Kid needs a name

I am going to have to come up with some names for Petronella’s kids I guess. At least AI calls them PETS. My research indicates the correct name for baby possums is a Joey. Maybe I will use Johannes Vincentius for this little guy, *** Another fact- Male possums are called Jacks and the Females are called Jills, such boring names :upside_down_face:


Cuter, at least… :wink:

Just a suggestion, but there’s what the Mexican Fireman called his twin boys. HoseA and HoseB.


A possum walks into a bar :rofl:


Johannes Vincentius is growing :smiley:
More Possum facts: They are very clean despite their appearance, no rabies, immune to snake venom, they have 50 teeth. Mom possums are only pregnant for 12-13 days before they have babies, the Dad is long gone forever after he did his dirty deed .Possums are Marsupials and Mom will have 20-25 babies at a time twice a year, She gets as many in her pouch as possible but she only has 13 nipples to feed from so some don’t survive. The babies live in Mom’s pouch for 50-70 days then start getting free rides on her back. After approx. 4 months the little critters head out on their own to live. Possums live 1-2 years, rinse, repeat. This is factual information given to me from Queen Petronella via a note she left by the water bowl. :upside_down_face: It is a real pain to shorten all these videos!!!


I tried doing one on Google Photos per @carverofchoice in another thread. Do-able, but not what I’d call ‘fun.’ :weary: (It wasn’t that bad actually, for touch screen, not a bad interface, and able to be doped out just by interacting with it… 'course I only did ONE.)

Nice possum facts! Definitely makes them more sympathetic.

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