Keeping an eye on a live alone senior

I’m sorry, I can’t give a timeline for the outdoor camera yet but we are making great progress! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to hear about all these ways that we’ve been able to help folks. :heart:

I haven’t purchased the cameras yet and I’m looking for a way to monitor from afar. How much handling do the devices require? I live far from my elderly parent so I can’t pop in to fix a camera or connection problem. He has reliable wifi in his home. He also won’t use a wearable monitoring device as another poster reported of their parent. We have regular evening phone calls but his sleep and wake schedule is quite erratic so chatting during the day is difficult. And he’s stubborn of course! And extremely hard of hearing - he has a caption phone which is helpful. Thanks!

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If you use the search feature on the top of the Forum page and search for’ elder parents’, you will find a number of threads with a wealth of experience and info on this subject.
From my experience, if your parent truly has strong wifi I would suggest using the V2 over the pan. Less flexibility but IMHOP, less problem’s. They are excellent for monitoring activity and do feature 2 way audio, although I would not rely on that for day-to-day communication. They also are configurable in many ways for alerts and events plus can record to either a local SD card or the optional Complete Motion Capture feature.
I use them in my in-laws house 3 hours away to monitor general activity. I set each cam up on a smart plug in case it needed to be Power Cycled. This action will usually resolve most connectivity issues and can be done remotely using the cam-on-smart plug setup.
Plus, this forum is usually a great source of ideas and assistance!


My spouse is disabled and last time I looked, we have 91 internet connected devices in and around the house. It certainly makes life easier when a person can turn lights, fans and other devices on and off by voice command.

One thing I would add to this discussion is to put an Echo device (like the Echo Flex) in every room. Then teach your loved ones how to make a phone call via voice. It gives me greater peace of mind when I’m at work knowing my spouse can call me after a fall or accident.


@Wrecks0 - that’s a great idea! I wish this technology had been as readily available when my parents were still around. Although, convincing them to use it might have been a different matter!
Thanks for the tip!

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