Just someone's beautiful cat wandering past an Outdoor camera


Wow, that kitty has a fat jiggly belly. Definitely well-loved and well-fed.

A neighbor a few blocks south of me just had their cat come home with a wound in it’s leg, so they took it to the vet and found someone had shot it with a .22 :frowning: Poor kitty. I love that cats are killing mice and rats and even swat at and remove bugs just because they move and are fun to catch…all cats are welcome near my property any time!


Our neighborhood kitty stopped by for a drink of water. We were able to see her jump the fence at the back of our field, and then walk through the field to the house. That fence is 80’ from the V3 cam!

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Looks PG to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

You know you’re old and bored when you get somewhat excited after catching critters on video in the middle of the night. The Outdoor cam is handy to have in my situation but I think I’ll have to try a V3 camera overnight, attached to a power bank, to achieve better critter detection. If the Outdoor cam isn’t sitting close to the ground then it’ll miss most cats and raccoons.