Just have to wonder what scares this "cat'

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded video for proper embedded viewing in web browsers.


Looks like it’s not afraid of the dark, it’s afraid of the light!

I couldn’t see the video after I posted it… tried to edit and think I might’ve hosed the whole thing. Sorry for that… I can’t tell if I succeeded in deleting it, or if it’s still showing.

It is there and playing fine

I can’t see it either.

That’s weird – I can see it on my Mac using Safari.

the video doesn’t play when I click on it.

Ok, I’ve got something going on. Had to open it with my video viewer. It wouldn’t play by just clicking on it. Thanks. The bobcat has been coming around several times a week now.

for some reason certain browsers aren’t compatible with videos on this site…switch browsers and you’ll more than likely be able to see videos even if you can’t see them when you upload them. I think it was Firefox I was having trouble with at first before I realized switching allowed me to see my own post.

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Yup, I use Chrome, switched to Edge, video showed.

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It doesn’t show when I’m using the Chrome browser, Firefox works fine…

Was able to view it with Firefox by clicking and telling it to open with video viewer, which is what it should do automatically. I will keep it this way knowing the Wyze folks will eventually find out what’s causing that and put a fix out. Oh, I use unix (ubuntu) for my operating system. Don’t use Windows any more than I absolutely have to. Chrome does fine with it also.

Thanks, appreciate the response.

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Not working as expected with chromium/windows.

Then right-clicked on video face and chose “Open video in new tab” and it didn’t do that but downloaded it to the default directory and placed the regular Chrome download shortcut at screen bottom left from which “open” caused it to play in the system default mp4 player.

Meanwhile, we may be invading Persia soon. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@cfuller3333 Beautiful animal. Gotta love the way she moves. How close to “the wild” are you?

There are some ‘boonies’ close, but we’re not really in the wild. ElJobean area. Port Charlotte, Fla. I’m loving it here. All new to us and really enjoying the wildlife opportunities.

Excellent. Around here, the coyotes are asserting themselves - that’s about as wild as it gets. :slight_smile:

This gent in Wyoming got up close and personal with his local critters:

Touching the Wild

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