Deer cam

I set up my Wyze cam outside in a box, attached to the deer feeder I made.
It worked pretty good I though


not sure why the video is not playing…

It plays fine for me? Very popular spot with the local deer population eh?

yes, up here in Pine, but there are actually a ton more Elk.
And for some reason, video does not play for me on this site…

Video plays fine for me too. Looks like a deer farm. Cool video! :slightly_smiling_face:

What browser are you using to view the site in?

I used the Edge browser on my LG phone and it worked fine. It wouldn’t open on the Chrome browser on my old Samsung tablet.

I tried Safari on my phone, and Firefox. Then tried both on my laptop (MAC) and they also worked.

i’m on my desktop, and its google chrome. also tried to open on my Samsung galaxy and no luck either.
fyi, i can watch all the other videos just fine

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Likewise, I cannot see it on my Samsung s10e with chrome. Will try PC later.

Weird I recall other Chrome users saying it worked well before? Wonder why now?

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It plays for me in Safari, but not in Chrome on Mac. I transcoded it to 480p and added that to your original post. That one plays for me on both Safari and Chrome.