Johnson suing Wyze

I just read an article that Johnson Controls is suing Wyze and is looking for a court order to block any additional “unauthorized use of its inventions”. Johnson’s claiming patents on the video surveillance products. I have about 10 cameras right now and I just ordered another one. I want to make sure they’re all going to continue working.

That doesn’t surprise me because Johnson Controls is a poor company with a bad reputation and Bad management, they treat their employees like crap


It is for real according to this website.

Johnson Controls Sues Wyze labs

The question is , I want to make sure they’re all going to continue working.
It my be jumping the gun to worry about that

Grrrrr! It is disturbing news. I hope it doesn’t cause a serious problem. :smirk: Another cat out of the bag.

I think , Anytime a company starts doing well with lower priced products this kind of crap will happen.
I’m sure there will be many opinions posted about this, and this post might be setting the stage ,
I will be coping in the mail

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You are right about that. The forum will explode with posts from everybody after this news spreads. Hopefully Wyze will address this issue very quickly before it gets out of hand.

Usually with lawsuits don’t you usually get a “no comment” or do I just watch too much TV :grinning:


I’m not sure about that, Jason. I guess we will soon find out. :grimacing:

This is a bit of a sticky wicket , but I have no problem with wyze handling this internally


Which is probably the way it should be, information tends to get twisted as it is passed along

You got that right, things get FUBAR’D :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nothing new here - Big company can’t compete with smaller younger company, so they sue. It puts a drain on the smaller company so it is a win / win for the big company.
Can’t compete - then buy little gut or sue little guy.
Compete - Improve product, reduce price, reduce profits.
Consumers usually also lose in this exchange.
I’m rooting for Wyze -


Personally I am not too bothered. I worked many years ago for a hardware company. A week did not go by without someone suing us claiming Patent infringement. Sadly its how business is done now. I doubt anything will come of it. To be sure it could, but I believe its business as usual.

I would not expect comments about this from Wyze here. The lawyers will likely have told them not to comment on social media/forums.


That is understood and highly expected under such circumstances. Thanks, Loki. :slightly_smiling_face:

Delaware District Court
Judge: Colm F Connolly
Case #: 1:19-cv-01543
Nature of Suit 830 Property Rights - Patent
Cause 35:271 Patent Infringement

Case Filed: Aug 19, 2019

View complaint:

Just read entire compliant, Johnson Controls and their lawyers are slime balls!
According to them every security camera in the world that uses WiFi & Cloud Storage infringes, What utter bullcrap - Lawyers and companies like this are what ruins new technologies, Just scum bags screwing others


Sounds like Johnson is patent trolling for dollars.


Patents are there for a reason. If an Infringement was made then they are within their rights to do this. However according to your statement it may be too late for Johnson Controls to claim anything. Patents need to be monitored regularly by the patent holder. I’m pretty sure that if it can be shown that Johnson Controls allowed other companies to use this technology in the past, then they lose the right to now start sueing companies over it. Also, just because Wyze is being sued doesn’t mean anything will come of it. People shouldn’t jump the gun and put the cart before the horse.


The alleged infringements are against 7 patents that are basically the same, just updated with tiny changes. The last patent was issued in Feb 2019 so Johnson Controls has not been sitting on it. They’re very much a big player in the enterprise security space and my office uses them for security cameras, doors, etc. Over the past year they’ve been consolidating and unifying their products with a big push for cloud integration.

Plenty of other companies use the exact same technology, but I suspect Johnson Controls is taking a page out of the patent troll handbook by attacking smaller successful companies first before moving on to bigger players. They are not a patent troll, but the same legal tactics work for large companies.

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