It's time to call it quits

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I’m very happy with my Blinks as well, for what they are, but when the internet goes down they’re completely useless. Can’t wait for the new Blink Sync Module 2 with the promise of being a 64 GB mini-NAS. :grinning:


I may be wrong but I believe his post was an attempt to inject some light hearted humor into the thread. I don’t think he meant anything at all disrespectful by it.


What did you switch to?

I see the comments about the camera not working and I to have had some issues. Hopefully by some of comment mentioned the vendor will resolve and not become a victim of technology. Not listening to consumer is beginning cause of a failing product. Hope you’ll will fix this I have enjoy the using it but issues are getting old.
“Success is resolving other people issues cause by YOU”

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I just sent my outdoor cam back for a refund. Spent way too many hours trying to get it to connect & not drop connection. Moved the cam to four different places, moved the base as much as I could with a 3 foot eithernet cable & even tried with a longer cable. Cam would work ok within 20-30 feet of base & drop out any further away. Cam is useless unless your wifi is close!

What other brand are you considering. I might make a change as well. How about Blink?

Yes I am done too, pan cam has issues. I was on beta test, nothing fixed. Time to find better cams. The promised thermostat never happened either

I gave up, also, and returned the 3 cameras I had, fortunately within the return timeframe for Amazon. I agree, pick two, unlikely will achieve all three.

Highly disappointed in the outdoor. Is only good as a trail cam. Even then it wouldn’t pick up motion. After 5 motion attempts, it finally sent a video of my car. I have realized these cams are only good has nanny cams. Had somebody go thru my cars and the pan cam didn’t notify me and I was in the house. Night vision is only really good at 10ft, if you want visible pic to show police. Digital zoom SUCKS. I have $100 Chinese 4 inch ptz dome with 4x optical zoom the is great day and night but the software sucks. So its not secure. If internet goes down then no security at all and no back up to save anything on wyze. Oh well guess I will keep looking.

If the internet goes down, doesn’t it record to the sd card (if one’s installed)?

What specifically are the problems?
We have 3 Pan cameras at home, 4 Pan cameras at my wife’s business, and 2 pans + 1 non-pan + outdoor cam at another house.
No problems… they detect movement (I don’t use the person detection because I want to know if someone drives up in a car). We have the continues recording thing on 4 of them to get more than 12 seconds.
The outdoor cam has been up for over 1 week and has used 9% battery.

This kind of thing made me eventually leave the Google Wifi forums – people would say they didn’t work and were garbage, but wouldn’t provide specific info about their issues and their environment. Which makes it impossible to troubleshoot.

And I know the average person isn’t technical, but you can’t call your car’s mechanic and just say “my car is garbage and doesn’t work like it’s supposed to” and expect them to diagnose the problem.


I am not sure havnt tested that. Thieves are getting smarter. If they steal camera your out of luck. There a video (not on wyze) of apartment invasion and they were asking where camera back up was. Luckily it was on cloud.

The outdoor version, motion has worked once after several attempts. It is not a security camera. You can’t do anything with 12sec of video that you got notified 5 min later. Cops would laugh. At least the v2 you could view your SD card for longer video. There are more threads with the complaints

Ditto, I’m with you! My system of products is working great, i had problems when my internet slowed because of overloading… New router an extender or 2 for my far reaches nd I’m golden… keep the updates coming sometimes there not as good as others but thats what updates and forums are for. Good job Wyze keep moving forward with your thinking and your products…

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Like you, no expectations. 2 Wyze plugs, work! 5 Wyze cams, 1 a WOC, all working as expected, just want to see what’s crawling around outside the home.

Mine works just fine. It is right out at the end of the WiFi range of my router, loses connection at times for that reason, but mostly okay.

Agree, its not reliable since we started expecting it to replace home security
It is missing many person detection though i have new camplus plan
Its defeating purpose for most of us using the cameras
Sensors on other hand are performing well and always reliable, but again its missing voice alert

I feel your pain. It is tough because I have been a fan of Wyze from the early days (not really that long ago). I’m not to the point of ripping them down and throwing them away but I have halted my purchasing after 9. I even still recommend them to friends (with a disclaimer). Yes, they are inexpensive but I was really looking for something a little more reliable. Hence, my continued research and testing. I have been testing Ring Indoor, Arlo Q, Nest Indoor, and Blink. It is tough to find the sweet spot on price, service, features, and dependability… But I am still hopeful. :slight_smile:

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I agree with all of you. I removed most of them since they kept giving me the no recording at that time errors, problems connecting even with the camera in the same room as the modem, no memory card error, etc… I started moving to ezviz and so far I’m glad I did. The C6C can even be hardwired if you don’t want to use WiFi. I already had some hikvision turret cameras but hadn’t installed them since they have no sound but I got fed up with all the troubles with wyze so decided to order 1000 feet of Ethernet cable and started installing the turrets instead. So far I only have 3 wyze left running for now. Also the nice thing about the ezviz is that you can connect it to the hikvision NVR to record continuously and the night vision is way stronger then wyze.