It's Finally Here - Wyze Cam Outdoor 6/23/20

Thanks for digging that up and documenting that I’m not completely insane in my imagined memories of the past! :face_with_monocle:

It still functions when it’s plugged in but the power cable opens up a hole in the weatherproofing. That’s why it voids the warranty if you do that with the camera outside. That said, this is a valid point and I’ll share your feedback with the team.


Yes it does still function but I wish keeping it plugged in was fully supported and had continuous recording…

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It doesn’t really change anything now unless they start including a weatherproof power cable/cover.

Got this email earlier today.


Outdoor Expansion Cameras are right around the corner

Hello from your excited friends over at Wyze!

We have three updates to share with you today:

  1. General pre-order for Wyze Cam Outdoor Expansion Cameras will begin @ 9:00 AM Pacific on Monday, July 27th ! Expansion cameras will be available for $39.99 each on
  2. General pre-order for Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundles will also begin @ 9:00 AM Pacific on Monday, July 27th on for $49.99 each.
  3. Our first batch of Wyze Cam Outdoor Early Access orders has arrived and will start shipping to customers on July 28th! We expect all Early Access orders to be delivered by August 21st.
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Good to see they are ahead of schedule.
Not great to see they are funding with preorder money but at least they are moving on. :slight_smile:


will this be available through Amazon too?

I am assuming it will not be available with Amazon for pre-order. Once it goes out of pre-order I’m sure it will be on Amazon.

question is, when? :slight_smile:

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E-mail said pre-order will be available at 9am Pacific, which was a few minutes ago…but I don’t see the expansion cameras anywhere on the site? Am I missing some special link to use?

Don’t see it either. Someone forgot to push the new build to the website? :grinning:

Page changed to " We had 83,093 Early Access backers and sold out! We will be offering a limited pre-order that will begin in the next 30 minutes."


Smooth ordering this time! Was able to order 3.

This is literally all I want. Just enable continuous recording when plugged in.


I Still dont see a link… Been here since 9AM (Pacific)
I see it listed under the bundles page but still reads “pre-order available soon”

I haven’t been able to get it added to the cart after trying over half a dozen times. Seems like the same ordering issues as last time. Sigh…

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Keeps telling me amount exceeds limit when it actually shows nothing in the cart, lol.

Ordered 2 at 39.99. Didn’t see it for 29.99. Order confirmation was also received through email. Everything was crawling along. Be patient.

Finally worked!