Issues with new floor lamp

  1. Boxing : The lamp was very well packed, too well. Too much paper and plastic waste. Visit IKEA and look for similar items to see how they are packaged with minimal materials and yet still sufficient.

  2. Paper setup instructions : Difficult to follow, and in the end does not work. This could be related to the difficult to read small type font.

  3. Online instructions : Terrific. This should be the basis for the paper instructions.

  4. Remote : I ordered 4 lamps and got 4 100% dead remote batteries. Dead batts make setup confusing because it is assumed a new batt is good and any troubles are elsewhere. It takes a long time for batts in a package to go flat. Don’t use cheap batteries!

  5. Remote : The puck design is cute, but functionality is diminished by that cuteness. It sticks to the lamp, but upon a light touch it spins around or falls off. I don’t know how many falls until it breaks. Basically, I do not like the remote. It seems like it was designed for a different product.

  6. Pole : The lamp pole is difficult to assemble and tighten up completely and it loosens itself with a few location moves. Unable to get any of the 4 lamps poles to completely straighten.

  7. Pole switch : Please put this higher up on the pole.

  8. Arthritis : Not all your customers are young and strong like you are. With 2 arthritic hands assembly is painful and difficult. It took me a week to get my 4 lamps assembled due to pain.

  9. Color temperature : Almost every light in my home is warm color, not daylight color. I think designing home interior lights it is customary to use warm. If you want to equip and indoor lamp with a daylight bulb be sure that the color is optional by use of a different bulb or by software adjustment.

Ok team, I mostly love your stuff and look forward to the vacuum.


Check for wrapping on the batteries, they were very tightly wrapped and many mistook them as dead before removing the wrapping


As Jason said, we have heard reports that the batteries have a plastic covering for shipping that is so tight and transparent that people don’t realize it is there. So check for that.

It was not intended to be stuck to the lamp. It goes on any surface within arm’s reach of where you plan to turn it on & off the most. I have mine stuck to a file cabinet that is within arm’s reach of my easy chair in my man cave.


So far, I’m digging my new Wyze Floor Lamp. The remote is cool and I’ll likely find a way to place it near my gang of wall switches so that I’ve got light controls all in one place.

Agree w/OP that setup instrux tell you all you need to know. I never use included batteries and substituted my own longer lasting Energizer lithium instead. Can also confirm, that what both @Newshound @WyzeJasonJ say above about included battery packaging is absolutely true.

Do also agree w/OP that the in-line power/reset switch could be a little more conveniently placed.

I use my floor lamp on one side of my couch to shine on the ceiling/wall for diffuse light at night while watching TV, etc. Since I’m actually replacing a Verilux floor lamp that died, I was already more accustomed to 5-6.5K color temps. I knew this Wyze unit was 4K going in which works for me. However, since the bulb is dimmable, color temp tuning might also be a good twist going forward… :man_shrugging:

The only bones to pick I’ve got thus far in order of appearance (although #2 is most concerning) are:

  1. Frosted plastic wrap around the lamp stem segments are more annoying than they should be to remove. Had to utterly shred them. Not even sure how they installed around those segments unless they went on first before any gooseneck or cord/switch installation. Recommend wrap-arounds that can be unsealed in case original packaging needs preserved.

  2. Concerning & somewhat ridiculous that the app requires both bluetooth AND location services to be enabled in order to control the lamp. BT I kinda get since it seems not to be a WiFi base/bulb. Location shouldn’t be part of the deal, however. I’m the type who prefers leaving services off unless they’re needed and I’m not about to start leaving them on all the time just to control a single lamp. Any chance the latter would be dropped as a control requirement? Seems to be more of a way to control end-users than for us to control a device… :wink:

At least on Apple devices (not sure about Android) app creators can determine your location from what networks are visible to you. So, a privacy issue not everyone may care about. Assume the same about what Bluetooth devices you can see. Giving permission probably also applies to WiFi.

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Yeah, I get all of that. However, location services provides a lot more than just adjacent networks. The platforms & APIs, themselves, are geared towards harvesting maximum information from end users regardless of location services. Not Wyze’s fault, of course… but in a perfect world, this should be a little more granular.

I also prefer disabling services for battery life and not just privacy. I really only turn those kinds of things on when I’m out, traveling & needing navigation, or to locate things around me.

Bottom line for me is that I feel like if I have added this floor lamp to my Wyze stuff, it should just work without a lot of additional overhead.