Issues with latest May update


The update about 5 weeks or so ago was great with the introduction of functionality to turn the cameras on and off from the page listing all the cameras without having to go into the actual camera page.

However I had an Android update several days ago and since then three major issues have surfaced.

The first is the icon (On, Off, Offline) frequently bears no relationship to the actual state of the camera. For example the icon will say offline but the camera is actually on. Or the icon will say On but the camera is Off.

Up until the latest update the first screen (the one listing all the cameras) would paint in a few seconds. Now it is taking 20 to 30 seconds.

The last issue is that is is becoming almost impossible to turn the cameras On. I try by every means available but they simply refuse to turn on (‘network times out’ or ‘operation failed’ even though they were rock solid before the update and other cameras are working OK) It seems that once they’ve been turned off for a day or so they simply do not want to be turned back on!

Nothing has changed in my environment (apart from the Wyze Android update) so I’m at a loss to explain why these issues are occurring.

Has anyone else experienced these issues or am I, once again, the only person having these problems?



Are you writing about an Android OS update or a Wyze App (Android) update when you write "However I had an Android update several days ago " ?

Hi gemniii,

I noticed that an automatic update occurred to the Wyze app on my Android phone so I assume it was an App update. The app on my phone is now 2.3.69 and I think the update occurred around the 14th or 15th of May.

Since then I’ve been experiencing problems as outlined in my earlier email.

In addition everything appears s-l-o-w-e-r. When the android Wyze app fires up the blue screen (thankfully not of death) with the large WYZE logo is displayed for anything up to 30-40 seconds before my 5 cameras are displayed. This used to happen almost instantaneously.

When motion is detected I used to be warned by a beep on my phone within a few seconds of the 12 second capture period completing. Now it can take 10 minutes, or longer. Sometimes the motion event is not even logged. When I tested this I jumped up and down in front of the camera so there was no way it could have missed the motion (and no, no other motion event had occurred in the 5 minute window).

When I want to view a motion under the Events tab it often takes 20, 30, or more seconds to display a list of a few motion events. This used to occur within a second or two.

After selecting an event it can take 30 seconds to actually start showing the motion. This also used to take only a second or two.

These last 3 issues all appear to be associated with cloud computing and don’t happen all the time. They are very intermittent and sometimes the speeds seem as they once were. Perhaps Wyze may be becoming so popular that the time taken to log, record, and retrieve information from the cloud is starting to strangle throughput.

Again I’d be interested in discovering if anyone else is finding the system slowing dramatically from time to time.

Incidentally noting has changed in my network. I have 100 Mbps cable and wi-fi throughout the house is very fast. In addition my mobile data (4G) is excellent.


Paul R