Issues with getting the WyzeCam to work.

Greetings. I really need assistance with my new WYZE CAM that I recently purchased and received on April 14,2018. The issue is about whether my Samsung IPhone is set with the 2.4GHz that is required for the WYZE Cam to work. I set my Wi-Fi preferences to 2GHz and put my Wi-Fi Network name and Network Password properly but to no avail I still cannot complete installation process for the WYZE Cam. Also did the troubleshooting and spoke with the Wyze cam representative today about the situation. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I also want to know if any additional parts and/or accessories (ex: SIM Card, etc) have to included with the setup of the Wyze cam. Thanks.

It doesn’t matter which network your phone is on. The wifi router that you are trying to connect the camera to has to be providing 2.4GHz wifi. That would be adjusted in the router’s settings.

You only need a mSD card if you want to have the camera record video and store it locally. The 12 second alert clips that upload to the cloud do not need the mSD card. If you do get an mSD card it should be 32GB and Class 10.