Issues setting up Wyze plug

Hey everyone. I changed my wifi router name. And all my devices disconnected (cameras, plugs, and light bulbs) I was able to successfully reconnect my cameras and my light bulbs with no issues. And the Wyze plug with the little key in back. But for some reason I have 3 other Wyze plugs that don’t have the key in the back that aren’t setting up. The blue light keeps blinking fast. Not slow. Any help would be greatly appreciated

We usually recommend that you set up new routers with the old router’s network name and password. That way all devices from all vendors still work like they did before. This is a scheme I use between my house and my sister’s house so all our devices always feel at home no matter which house we are in. I can also set up devices for her that way.

That said, your Plugs without a key on the back are old school V1 Plugs. Those didn’t connect with Bluetooth; you had to send the network connection info over WiFi.

The way they did that was to create a private WiFi network between your device and the Plug. After that, the Plug would connect to your new WiFi network. So you had to switch your phone to the Plug’s private network to transfer the setup info.

Instructions should happen if you click “I got my Plug before 2021” during setup. But even then there are things that can thwart the process, which may be your problem, as you show the private WiFi connection in your graphic: