Issue with TinyCam pro

TCP is behaving still. Back to the charger issue. Never did order the replacement battery. Monitoring the charge icon at the top right of both Fire HD10 tablets, they have been at 1% for 2 days.

Would assume if they were taken off the charging dock they would shut down quickly. As it is, 1% doesn’t matter when the tablet is on the dock.

I was having issues with the live feed constantly dropping or failing to connect on tinycam pro and I followed this discussion and reserved the Wyzecam up addresses on the router and that seemed to have helped a lot. My feeds still drop but no where as frequently as they did before. Just wanted to thank y’all for the help.

Wow, two years, welcome back.

WiFi is demon spawn. Its intermittent positive reinforcement is downright cruel.

Though not unusual.

Psychopaths use it to addict people all the time.

And no, I am not casting aspersions. On anyone except Wiley Firedong.

My tale of woe. The Wyze app now streams 3 cams simultaneously better than tinyCam.

It does so at HD resolution *, while tinyCam does so most reliably at 360p.

v2’s. Up until I updated the firmware from two versions back to the recent, tinyCam was happy jack as a dark mode super well designed swipable coasting monster.

Now each camera cyles from full stream to 0 and back every ten seconds or so. So herky-jerky motion wise.

Why why did I upgrade the v2 firmware (which is impractical for me to flash back.) Standing pat was so smart for so long.

I am dumb.

*   This is not accurate. When the Wyze app displays cams in a group (3-4) it displays them at 360p. When you tap a cam displayed in the group and the tablet is landscape-oriented, it displays the cam full screen HD. Back out to the group and it returns to 360p automatically.

tinyCam has three selectable ‘Stream Profiles’: Main, Sub and Auto.
Main is fixed at HD, Sub is fixed at 360, and Auto switches between the two like the Wyze app.

If I set tinyCam to Auto, it will work for a while but the app eventually crashes. If I set it to Main, it doesn’t crash but it struggles to keep all cams in the group fully streaming. Setting it to Sub gives the steadiest streaming and navigational performance on my setup.

Well I can take that tale of woe as encouraging for me who has kept insanely old firmware on mine for no good reason.

(Autocorrect wanted that to say “take of wow”.)


Yep, TCP can be frustrating at times. I also reserved IPs in my router for all 20+ cameras but that did not seem to help. Then I moved everything but the cameras to my 5G network, which did not help. Moved the router from the basement to the living room. That helped a little. Bought 2 Tenda extenders. Didn’t help a bit. All they do us take a weak signal and transmit that same weak signal. Finally got TCP stable by buying a Tenda MW6 mesh router. A feed will drop now and then but it comes right back in 4-5 seconds. I have found the more instances of TCP that are running, the higher the chances of having dropped feeds.

You are smart. Always said so.

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Yeah, me and my Costco underwear bought a mesh system that:

What a maroon. :roll_eyes:

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For any keyboard warriors out there who might be accessing cams through tinyCam via Bluestacks emulator, found this on my disk, forgot I’d saved it…

Works… have to experiment a little with some… <esc> key in some circumstances substitutes…

Both full screen and multiple layout
i - show/hide statistics
M - show/hide menus
S - sequence mode start/stop
F - full/multiple layout
K/PageUp/, - leftK0
L/PageDown/. - right

Full screen only
+/- digital zoom in/out
0 - go to multiple layout

Multiple layout only
1,2...9 - camera to select for full screen layout

Hmm, are those Bluestacks specific or general Android? I’ve noticed some handy keyboard capabilities when I connect to an Android via TeamViewer, and that would probably work via Bluetooth keyboard too…

tinyCam specific. Can’t recall where I got it but I think maybe tinyCam site.

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tinyCam Pro - WHAT’S NEW

Version 15.3:

  • Added Wear OS companion app. Download it from your Wear OS device from Google Play.
  • Fixed Wyze v3 and Cam Pan v2 video disconnection after 15 seconds.

Bullet two restored performance to the v2 as well. :+1: :crossed_fingers:


Hey now, thanks for posting that, @peepeep . I don’t regularly update my TinyCam console but this sounds like a worthy upgrade.

And see, this is why I keep encouraging Wyze to try a WearOS watch - it really is an ecosystem. Those with WearOS watches just got new functionality that will NEVER appear on fixed purpose systems. :slight_smile:

Alexey Vasilyev is great.

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He definitely da man. :weight_lifting_man:

Fair warning. Started using it more intensively, quickly navigating between cams and cam groups, in and out of settings, etc, and the app is crashing a lot.

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I know this thread is a bit old - but here goes:

I have been using the free version of Tinycam monitor on an Android tablet.

It has been working perfectly with 4 V3s for a few months.

After the last firmware update my cams are dropping out and coming back every 10-20 seconds.

Nothing else has changed except “upgrading” the cams to the latest firmware.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks

Install the previous version of the firmware from an SD card and see if this fixes the issue.

My cams are working with the previous version of the firmware so I didn’t update to the latest version. I just wish the app would honor the “don’t ask me again” (to upgrade) check box.

Just updating, 15.3 still crashing a lot, sent several crash reports recently to dev @alexey.vasilyev as well as ref to this thread on reddit someone else started:

Not really usable as it stands, forcing me into the ‘loving’ arms of the Wyze app (it’s kinda ‘needy’.)