Issue with playback button

When looking at a 12 second clip, there is a playback button. I have gotten it to work 1 time. It keeps saying “no video at the selected time” but if I go to that time, it shows up.

Which version of the App ?

I am on version 2.6.26

Same here. Awesome feature if I could get it to work. I got it to work the first try, but from here on out the playback button on a motion-capture is broken. I reformatted the SD cards but no luck.

How long are you waiting for it to bring up the video on the SD card? I have found I generally have to wait a bit before it finally finds it on the card. Have you submitted feedback with logs via the app to Wyze with what you’re experiencing? After all, this is beta and they need more information to improve it. :slight_smile:

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I wait a good minute. Same day content doesn’t show :frowning:

Same here. Also worked first time but since then I get the same message on all my cameras. PS: Awesome feature…

Using Android beta also not working for me. Just jumps to current time and says no recording. Not actually jumping to time in the video.

Same here

Worked great on first day I saw the feature, but ever since then just says “No video so the selected time”.

It would really help if those saying it does not work included OS etc.
Works on my Samsung J3 Android 7.1.1

I submitted logs to support.

However, I am using Android 9 on Samsung Note 9

This is working reliably now after the latest firmware update.

I am having a much higher success rate. Out of 5 events, 4 showed up when clicking on playback. 1 did not. I like those odds much better. I did have that 1 recorded though, but was from 2 days ago. So unsure why